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Rolling on the river

30 Aug

This summer has been INSANELY hot in Austin.  Being outside is like taking a stroll in an Easy-Bake Oven, minus the delicious baked goods. In order to cope with the heat, sometimes you need to get creative; let’s face it, you can only stay indoors so long before cabin fever sets in and your sofa cushion becomes perfectly molded to your posterior. For my husband and I, thinking outside the box means burrowing underground… deep, deep underground. Not with a shovel and bucket, mind you, but spending a couple of hours  at Longhorn Caverns, in Burnet County. It stays a cool and lovely 68° all year round — like Barton Springs Pool, but less wet.

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F’burg is the Word

3 Jun

The first and last time I was in Fredericksburg was close to a decade ago when I went with some girlfriends.  We did girly things like window shop in antique stores and gushed about how adorably quaint the town seemed.  This trip was definitely on the other end of that spectrum, unless you count as girly repeated snickering and dirty comments about sausages, and a volley of comments about the need to dig crawfish brains from beneath our fingernails. Don’t ever say we aren’t charming.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Two Chicks and their respective menfolk made the hour and a half drive out to the Hill Country for the Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival.  While tempted, we sped past the roadside stands advertising fresh peaches, tomatoes and homemade jams and jellies; we were on a mission for a heaping helping of mudbugs, and our experience left us saying laissez les bon temps rouler!

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Order Up: Food Festivals

28 May

Never ones to keep a (food-related) secret, Two Chicks has been in serious talks about where to go next. We don’t want to keep y’all waiting, so we’ve created Order Up! as a way to keep you in the loop about places we long to go, plan to go and just downright need to go.

First up, the Austin Wine and Music Festival, which jumps off Saturday, May 28th and runs through the following day. This is an annual event that’s set up on the back side of The Domain, eliciting three cheers from those who routinely feel left out as Austin continues to gentrify. One day passes are $35 (online; at the gate is $5 more) and two-day tickets are $65; a bit steep, if you ask me, but for that price you receive:

  • Admission and access to live music, vendors, food (the word access makes me laugh and conjures images of these poor vendors trapped in a petting zo0)
  • 12-tab sampler wristband for wine sampling or beer
  • Complementary Wine Tasting at all participating Austin Wine & Music Festival Wineries for 30 days following the close of the festival.

There are some other things in there, too, so overall, it’s really not a bad little package for the price. Moreover, with 100% local offerings in food, music, wine and beer, AW&MF promises to offer up a great cross-section of things that make Central Texas unique and delicious.

We at Two Chicks were torn — plan to attack a local wine and beer booth or venture deeper into the Hill Country for mudbugs? Crawfish and the Hill Country don’t usually come wrapped in the same sentence, but we ran across an offer too good to pass up. The Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival kicked off Friday, May 27th and runs through Sunday, May 29th, and it is there that Two Chicks opted to make their weekend appearance.

I am a true blue festival girl, having cut my teeth as a kid on Austin’s now-defunct Aqua Fest and the Texas State Fair. Thinking back, it’s actually interesting that I love festivals so much, seeing as how I’m not a fan of port-a-potties, blisters or obscenely long lines [note: I am even less of a fan of festivals but if it’s food-related, I might give it a chance. – A]. But a good festival can erase all those uncomfortable experiences and leave you with so many positive memories that you’re ready to return soon after the gates close. For every big-budget affair that boasts rows of vendors and free giveaways, there’s some small town in Texas honoring its regional heritage and/or Texas culture through food: New Braunfels’ Wurstfest, Poteet’s Strawberry Festival, Lamesa’s Chicken Fried Steak Festival.

My bucket list includes every food-related festival in the state, and one of these days, I’ll blog about every single one. But this weekend, Fredericksburg gets its turn.