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ARW Day 2: Foreign & Domestic

18 Oct

Foreign & Domestic, do you like us? Check yes, no, or maybe because Two Chicks likes you… we, like you, like you. Both of us agreed F&D is our new de facto foodie crush. Just thinking about them makes A unbelievably giddy; she’s been daydreaming during work and doodling their name in her Trapper Keeper with a glitter pen.

The restaurant is what one might call cozy; located in the cool but unpretentious North Loop neighborhood, it’s housed in a small stone building with an even smaller gravel patio area. B lives walking distance from it and watched the owners move in and overhaul the previously abandoned building. The inside is light, airy and modern, with a warmth generated from a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and candles throughout. Arriving a little before 6:30pm on a weeknight during Restaurant Week, we weren’t able to secure a table but were happily steered toward two seats at the counter. Normally we would balk at not having a real table, but the counter was a blessing in disguise. We had a full view of the kitchen and saw our meal prepared from start to finish. We have no doubt that, had it not been so busy, we could have enjoyed some great conversation with the chef-owner. As it was, one of them did overhear part of our conversation and jumped in with the name of a Bon Appetit writer that had escaped me at that moment. Interactive dining, hooray! gimme more!