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ARW Day 1: Braise

17 Oct

Editor’s Note: Another Austin Restaurant Week in the books and Two Chicks is properly stuffed. This time around, we let our bank accounts do the choosing, so we opted for just two restaurants, Braise and Foreign & Domestic.

A had been eyeing Braise since ARW 2010, hoping that they would again participate; and wouldn’t you know it, the foodie gods answered her prayers!  The restaurant is housed in a multi-use development in the new and improved East 6th Street area.  While the mixed -use development is the hip thing around town, both of us were irked at the rather plain-looking building. The restaurant anchors the corner of an apartment complex, but its sign blended a bit too much into the neutral toned brick, causing A to pass up the place three times before finally spotting it. Still the neighborhood was peaceful and parking was easy; as B waited at the front door, A left her irritation at the door as we entered the cozy, dimly lit restaurant.

We immediately delved into the menu and fell prey to the wine pairing option for an additional $20.  In hindsight, A could have done without the wine pairing but it was nice of them to have it as an option.  She just doesn’t down her booze as quickly as others (*ahem* B) so she was extremely behind each time they brought her a new glass.  She resembled that kid who holds up the entire class being dismissed for recess because she’s the last one to turn in the pop quiz. gimme more!