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19 Sep

You can wrap it around a filet, crumble it on a salad, add it to a sandwich or simply fry it up and eat it plain. But even an amateur aficionado knows there’s no such thing as just plain bacon. Whether it’s peppered, maple smoked or covered in chocolate, it’s a slab of salty, porky goodness that goes with just about anything. Think of your favorite, most comfortable shirt… but way tastier.

So when a little restaurant down the street from my office opened up by the name of Bacon, I had to be there, and on opening day, no less. I went with several of my co-workers, including — wait for it — a vegetarian! That’s right, this place takes care of them, too, extending its porcine arms to welcome even those who don’t partake. Bacon, my friends, is love.

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