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Gettin’ down when you’re high: Eating Denver

15 Jun

A friend recently took a trip to Denver and it reminded me of my business trip to the Mile High City late last year.  For four days, I was trapped in a hotel attending seminars and presentations with only a distant view of the snow-capped Rockies on the horizon.  Anyone who’s traveled for business is undoubtedly familiar with the sub-par hotel food and drive-thru meals that make up the bulk of the trip; it is the lucky few who can take a business trip and enhance their experience by finding good, local eats. This post, my friends, is for the latter group.

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Local Love: Burt’s Texas Garden

24 May

Have you ever experienced the thrill of opening a box of seasonal organic produce picked especially for you? It’s like getting a candy-gram from the Jolly Green Giant (without the deafening musical accompaniment).  Austin has some great home-grown businesses such as Greenling, Farmhouse Delivery and Johnson’s Backyard Garden that offer that perk, but in your search for good food don’t forget about those outlying suburban areas — they need veggie love, too! A good starting place is Burt’s Texas Garden; our friends at this small family farm serve up an assortment of yummy produce and farm fresh eggs (from hormone-free chickens!), not to mention tasty jellies and canned goods.  If you’re out and about, you can special order a Burt’s Box and meet Stephanie and her family out at the farm; alternately, they can deliver goodies directly to your doorstep, which is no small offering since gas prices have most of us saddling our sofas.  But if you find yourself near Blake Manor Road and see their sign, I encourage you to stop in and see what tickles your fancy.  Steph and company will offer up a basket of home-grown tastiness that will make you fall in love with vegetables all over again.

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