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I need a what for these greens?

1 Dec

I’d never in my life needed a handful of napkins to eat a salad… until the giant bale of veggies from Turf and Surf Po Boy, a trailer near 2nd and Colorado. It’s one of a handful parked in a lot each day — the others include Chi’Lantro (sometimes), Kebabalicious, Snap Kitchen (a new entry) and a coffee trailer whose name I’ve never noticed. Truth be told, I think it’s a bit (or a lot) ridiculous to order a salad from a po’ boy trailer, but on my first go round, I actually did order a po’ boy, and, umm… yeah. It was upsettingly huge and unweildingly messy. The flavor was good, but I would’ve had to unhinge my jaw like a python to get the entire thing in my mouth. Even after dumping three-quarters of the lettuce, what seemed like two full tomatoes, a handful of onions and cucumbers, I was still left with a veritable po’ salad… not to mention a load of soggy bread. All of that for about $12 — did I mention this place has a wonky pay structure? I’ll get to that later. gimme more!