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I’ve Had Your Mom!

22 May

And man oh man, was she ever delicious.

Far from being a schoolyard joke, Your Mom’s Burger Bar is a relatively new entrant into Austin’s explosive burger scene, and I’d be willing to stake my fork on the fact that they’ve already got a decent-sized cadre of loyalists. Smashed between a Mexican restaurant and a storefront law office, Your Mom’s specializes in stuffed burgers — the goodness that normally comes on your burger, such as cheese or mushrooms, are literally stuffed inside two patties of beef and grilled. If you’re a fan of the Travel Channel, you’ll no doubt have seen this concoction on Man vs. Food, when he visited Minneapolis, the original home of the Jucy Lucy.

A burger like this wouldn’t be any good unless it was a cheeseburger, so the inevitable result is molten streams of cheese combining with the burger juice to burn the tar out of your mouth. And I mean that in the absolute best way possible. The husband-wife team at Your Mom’s takes this equation a step (or 10) further, though; in addition to a cheese, they have burgers that come stuffed and topped with just about anything your food-addled brain can conceive of: an assortment of cheeses (cheddar is *so* 2001), mushrooms, jalapeños, Italian sausage,  bacon, spinach, boudin and a fried egg. It’s a little messy, a lot filling and awful damned good.

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