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F’burg is the Word

3 Jun

The first and last time I was in Fredericksburg was close to a decade ago when I went with some girlfriends.  We did girly things like window shop in antique stores and gushed about how adorably quaint the town seemed.  This trip was definitely on the other end of that spectrum, unless you count as girly repeated snickering and dirty comments about sausages, and a volley of comments about the need to dig crawfish brains from beneath our fingernails. Don’t ever say we aren’t charming.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Two Chicks and their respective menfolk made the hour and a half drive out to the Hill Country for the Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival.  While tempted, we sped past the roadside stands advertising fresh peaches, tomatoes and homemade jams and jellies; we were on a mission for a heaping helping of mudbugs, and our experience left us saying laissez les bon temps rouler!

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Happiness is a Full Belly: boudin

12 May

If you thought this was the type of blog to only direct you to fancy, high falutin’ type restaurants, think again. Austin Restaurant Week is over, but that doesn’t mean we are! Happiness is a Full Belly is the first in a series of regular entries about the tastiness to be found in our own kitchens. Entries might include a recipe, a dish at an office potluck or a surprise package of goodness found in the back of the freezer, behind an over-sized bag of green beans.

Yes, you read that correctly. Tonight, I happened upon some frozen boudin from Savoie, courtesy of our neighbor. For the nine months the Mister and I have lived here, he’s come to our door bearing food. Why? I’ve no clue, but who am I to refuse? So far nothing has poisoned us, nor has he asked us to become covert drug mules — so overall, I’m good with it.

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