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Holla atcha girls!

1 Mar

It’s been a busy time, so forgive us for the silence. We’re trying to balance life, work, blogging and eating… and sadly, those last two sometimes just lose out. It wouldn’t be quite the same if I blogged about that can of Progresso soup and empty Fig Newton wrappers in the garbage, now would it?

Despite all the hubbub, we would be remiss if we didn’t drop in a little entry to give some love and shout outs. First, Two Chicks wants like to extend a very heartfelt congratulations to Paul Qui for kicking ass and taking names on Top Chef: Texas last night! Most peeps around Austin know the wonders of¬†Uchiko — and A has had a fantastic and delicious experience¬† there (B has yet to go) — so we can only imagine the crowds that will be clamoring for a table now.

Way to represent Austin, Paul — not only were you talented and funny, but your poise under pressure did a lot to wipe away the ugly memories of a certain recent Texas politician’s foray into national politics! (And way to represent the Motherland; pinoy pride all the way! – A.)

Secondly, we want to give much love to Ned & Co. over at Foreign and Domestic; B’s experience there tonight was beyond fantastic. Two Chicks has been there once before–we broke our F&D cherry at last year’s Austin Restaurant Week. Since that time, we’ve stalked them on Twitter, driven by the building like a surly ex-girlfriend and thought back fondly on our meal (okay, full disclosure: B did most of that; A just laughed at her). But why neither of them had thus far returned is anyone’s guess (perhaps because a return trip would lead to another, then another, then another, and neither of our bank accounts or gastrointestinal systems could handle that much beef heart, duck fat and pork belly? Just a thought). But a call from a friend prompted an unplanned visit by B and it turned into the best decision ever. Well, at least of the week.

Sadly, the duck fat fried chicken is no longer on the menu (I’d been dreaming of it since ARW), but the meal was no less awesome: beef heart tartare, parpadelle w/truffle butter and poached egg, and an apple and cherry strudel. But the surprise of the evening came when the servers returned to our table with not one but two more desserts, gratis. Honestly, we’re still gobsmacked. But whatever the reason, thanks! You made B’s day.

photo credit: Edward Casabian/flickr (B was too busy eating to take photos)