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Holla atcha girls!

1 Mar

It’s been a busy time, so forgive us for the silence. We’re trying to balance life, work, blogging and eating… and sadly, those last two sometimes just lose out. It wouldn’t be quite the same if I blogged about that can of Progresso soup and empty Fig Newton wrappers in the garbage, now would it?

Despite all the hubbub, we would be remiss if we didn’t drop in a little entry to give some love and shout outs. First, Two Chicks wants like to extend a very heartfelt congratulations to Paul Qui for kicking ass and taking names on Top Chef: Texas last night! Most peeps around Austin know the wonders of Uchiko — and A has had a fantastic and delicious experience  there (B has yet to go) — so we can only imagine the crowds that will be clamoring for a table now.

Way to represent Austin, Paul — not only were you talented and funny, but your poise under pressure did a lot to wipe away the ugly memories of a certain recent Texas politician’s foray into national politics! (And way to represent the Motherland; pinoy pride all the way! – A.)

Secondly, we want to give much love to Ned & Co. over at Foreign and Domestic; B’s experience there tonight was beyond fantastic. Two Chicks has been there once before–we broke our F&D cherry at last year’s Austin Restaurant Week. Since that time, we’ve stalked them on Twitter, driven by the building like a surly ex-girlfriend and thought back fondly on our meal (okay, full disclosure: B did most of that; A just laughed at her). But why neither of them had thus far returned is anyone’s guess (perhaps because a return trip would lead to another, then another, then another, and neither of our bank accounts or gastrointestinal systems could handle that much beef heart, duck fat and pork belly? Just a thought). But a call from a friend prompted an unplanned visit by B and it turned into the best decision ever. Well, at least of the week.

Sadly, the duck fat fried chicken is no longer on the menu (I’d been dreaming of it since ARW), but the meal was no less awesome: beef heart tartare, parpadelle w/truffle butter and poached egg, and an apple and cherry strudel. But the surprise of the evening came when the servers returned to our table with not one but two more desserts, gratis. Honestly, we’re still gobsmacked. But whatever the reason, thanks! You made B’s day.

photo credit: Edward Casabian/flickr (B was too busy eating to take photos)


Local Love: Dive Bar & Lounge

26 Dec

Two Chicks (and assorted others) finally made the pilgrimage down to Dive Bar & Lounge for a long overdue happy hour a few months ago.  Dive Bar, a little unassuming bar on Guadalupe and 17th, has been open for less than a year and has already gained quite the loyal following.  It’s low-key, relaxed and a place you want to kick back and have a good time.  They’ve got regular happy hour specials, a boatload of fun events like karaoke night and music trivia night, and, of course, some great beers and cocktails.  It also helps that we think a couple of the owners are pretty awesome too (hi to Jim and Bev)!

Stop in and have a drink or two and stay for the laid-back Austin vibe! And for you Anglophiles out there, start out with a Pimm’s Cup at Dive and go across the street for some fish and chips at Dog and Duck Pub! It makes for a nice little evening. We won’t promise you any discounts if you drop our name, but it might nonetheless be fun if you walk in and shout, “Two Chicks sent us!” Make sure you take video if you do.

A delicious, thirst-quenching UFO White.

 Happy holidays from Two Chicks!

Order Up: Austin Restaurant Week, Fall 2011

24 Sep

Hello hungry readers!  It’s that time of the year when you can spend two gluttonous weeks taste-testing some of Austin’s best restaurants without ending up in the poorhouse.  The fall version of Austin Restaurant Week begins this Sunday, the 25th; week one runs through the 28th while week two stretches from October 2-5.  Two Chicks are polishing up our list of places to hit up and so far some top contenders are Paggi House and Foreign & Domestic; but as always, it’s proving a challenge to narrow things down.  We may have to resort to a brutal game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to make sure every place gets a fair shot.

What places will you be trying out? Drop us a comment and let us know!  We hope to see peeps out and about; look for us to be stuffing our faces and snarking with the wait staff!


Local Love: Burt’s Texas Garden

24 May

Have you ever experienced the thrill of opening a box of seasonal organic produce picked especially for you? It’s like getting a candy-gram from the Jolly Green Giant (without the deafening musical accompaniment).  Austin has some great home-grown businesses such as Greenling, Farmhouse Delivery and Johnson’s Backyard Garden that offer that perk, but in your search for good food don’t forget about those outlying suburban areas — they need veggie love, too! A good starting place is Burt’s Texas Garden; our friends at this small family farm serve up an assortment of yummy produce and farm fresh eggs (from hormone-free chickens!), not to mention tasty jellies and canned goods.  If you’re out and about, you can special order a Burt’s Box and meet Stephanie and her family out at the farm; alternately, they can deliver goodies directly to your doorstep, which is no small offering since gas prices have most of us saddling our sofas.  But if you find yourself near Blake Manor Road and see their sign, I encourage you to stop in and see what tickles your fancy.  Steph and company will offer up a basket of home-grown tastiness that will make you fall in love with vegetables all over again.

– A

Local Love: Con’ Olio Oils & Vinegars

18 May

I suppose it was rather appropriate that I visited Con’ Olio on the Sabbath (Sunday, for any heathens reading) because it was a teaser of what foodie heaven would be like.  So now, I’m taking it upon myself to spread the gospel of gourmet olive oils and vinegars.  The minute I walked in, I wanted to let out a loud squee!, but thought the better of it; after all, this wasn’t some boy band concert at the Erwin Center (but if you’d like to join me in extolling the virtues of ‘N Sync versus New Kids on the Block, email me! [note: I do not condone this boy band activity-B]).  Housed in the Arboretum shopping center next door to Nine West, this charming little store has walls lined with silver canisters that are filled with infused olive oils and vinegars. Customers are free to sample every single one. Did I mention squeee!?

gimme more!