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A Thanksgiving date with bacon

29 Nov

Happy post- Turkey Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday everyone!  It’s time to take those stretchy pants, bottles of mace, and free shipping coupon codes and trade them in for the usual 8-5 grind minus the leftovers.

My friends, I had a Thanksgiving date with bacon and it was actually pretty good.  When is bacon not good, you ask? I’m sure there are times, but thus far in life, I’ve been lucky enough to have avoided them. While hanging with my in-laws, I had a bacon-wrapped date as a fun little appetizer during Thanksgiving meal number one.  Normally I find dates to be overly sweet, but the bacon’s saltiness and smokiness cut through the sweet date to make the little morsel rather tasty.  It was a nice change before the usual Thanksgiving dishes.

Did you have a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings?  Perhaps it was a gourmet meal worthy of commentary by Tom Colicchio and a photo spread in Food & Wine.  Better yet, maybe it was an eclectic feast representing your family’s varied palates?  Or did you have one new culinary experience like I did?  Let us know what your favorite part was (and if the answer is ‘all of it,’ that’s cool, too. No judgement). Whatever meal you shared with loved ones this past holiday, Two Chicks hopes it was highly delicious and worthy of your stretchy pants.



Happiness is a Full Belly: boudin

12 May

If you thought this was the type of blog to only direct you to fancy, high falutin’ type restaurants, think again. Austin Restaurant Week is over, but that doesn’t mean we are! Happiness is a Full Belly is the first in a series of regular entries about the tastiness to be found in our own kitchens. Entries might include a recipe, a dish at an office potluck or a surprise package of goodness found in the back of the freezer, behind an over-sized bag of green beans.

Yes, you read that correctly. Tonight, I happened upon some frozen boudin from Savoie, courtesy of our neighbor. For the nine months the Mister and I have lived here, he’s come to our door bearing food. Why? I’ve no clue, but who am I to refuse? So far nothing has poisoned us, nor has he asked us to become covert drug mules — so overall, I’m good with it.

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