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I need a what for these greens?

1 Dec

I’d never in my life needed a handful of napkins to eat a salad… until the giant bale of veggies from Turf and Surf Po Boy, a trailer near 2nd and Colorado. It’s one of a handful parked in a lot each day — the others include Chi’Lantro (sometimes), Kebabalicious, Snap Kitchen (a new entry) and a coffee trailer whose name I’ve never noticed. Truth be told, I think it’s a bit (or a lot) ridiculous to order a salad from a po’ boy trailer, but on my first go round, I actually did order a po’ boy, and, umm… yeah. It was upsettingly huge and unweildingly messy. The flavor was good, but I would’ve had to unhinge my jaw like a python to get the entire thing in my mouth. Even after dumping three-quarters of the lettuce, what seemed like two full tomatoes, a handful of onions and cucumbers, I was still left with a veritable po’ salad… not to mention a load of soggy bread. All of that for about $12 — did I mention this place has a wonky pay structure? I’ll get to that later. gimme more!


Holy shawarma!

22 Aug

Two chicks has had quite a bit going on in the last few months; A is working hard, traveling and getting some extra schooling. I am working hard, traveling and planning a wedding. I’ve also started a new job in a swank office in the heart of downtown Austin. Not only is my new company pretty awesome, but I am literally a half-block away from a beautiful bevy of food trucks! If you know anything about me, you know that I started taste testing my first week in; six weeks later, I’ve already developed a couple of regular go-to joints. One such place is Kebabalicious, which is as much fun to say as it is to eat. Ignoring the obvious question (no, there are no actual kebabs on the menu), this little blue truck makes my belly happy.

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The Mobile Excursion

13 May

I’m so excited about this recent development that I actually started this blog in the car, while the Mister picked up a script from the ghetto Walgreens in Capital Plaza. At my urging, we sought out mmmpanadas, one of the few food trucks that makes it home north of the river.

Anyone who’s lived in Austin more than six minutes knows the almost cult-like hype that surrounds them in this town, and I’m frankly on the fence about whether or not I want to jump on that hipster bandwagon. In order to preserve my dignity, I won’t use any unnecessary punctuation or adjectives, and will refrain from overly dramatic proclamations of deliciousness. Unless I really, really mean them.

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