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Order Up: March Madness

12 Mar

Oh Austin, March is the month that we love to hate you. ¬†This month, out-of-towners make up most of the population of Austin due to South by Southwest – the digital portion and the music portion have both become equally hot tickets.¬† We realize Sx is one of those uniquely awesome Austin events and it pumps a ton of cash into our local economy… but (and you knew there would be a but), it’s hard to get excited when you don’t have a badge. When SXSW descends, traffic sucks, working downtown sucks, and inevitably, in its wake, tons of people decide Austin is THE place to be, which ultimately crowds the rest of us out of our beloved city.

But we just can’t quit you, SXSW. Despite the annoyances, we’ve got nothing but love for the tons of cool shiz that happens around town each March. gimme more