Kome’ on down!

25 Jan

Happy (very) belated new year! Surely you’ve noticed, both chicks of Two Chicks have been a little quiet in 2012 — please don’t take it personally. This year is shaping up to be a big year for both of us. A is pregnant with her first kid — a little tiger cub who will undoubtedly be schooled in the ways of good cuisine and frequent blogging. B is planning her wedding for the fall, and has, quite often, found herself overwhelmed at the sheer amount of decisions to be made and money to be paid. So, forgive us, because we certainly didn’t mean to leave you hanging.

Now, let’s get moving on what you came here for — the food! Our latest excursion was to Kome’, a shiny new Japanese sushi kitchen on Airport Blvd.

Living just down the street from Kome’, I’d watched with anticipation as the owners of Sushi A Go-Go transformed this former conjunto club–which was abandoned years ago–into a new eatery. The signage is bold and modern, but not overwhelming, and it’s sandwiched between a gas station and an abandoned Mexican market (which is rapidly being transformed by the owners of Your Mom’s Burger Bar into their new home).

First Impressions
The early buzz was positive, so I met up with A and her Hubster, along with our mutual friend Amanda, to get our sushi on. I arrived first and was immediately dripping in hipster disregard. There was so much errant hair and exposed ink that I actually didn’t even see the sushi chefs until after I sat down, in the middle of a dining room that really not larger than the average sized living/dining room combo in a ranch style house. The bright, cheerful restaurant definitely belies the hipster appeal. The interior is minimalist, but welcoming; the service, we later realized, was just minimal.

The Food

:A: I had the gyoza appetizer which was good but nothing special and one of their cooked rolls.  I don’t remember the name of it, but it had tempura shrimp, eel and avocado drizzled with a sweet sauce. Again, not bad, but it didn’t bowl me over — though, in truth, it could have been due to the speed at which I received it. Everyone else at our table was more than halfway done before our server realized that I didn’t have the main part of my meal. Like much of the clientele, most of the waitstaff seemed awfully hipster with laissez faire attitudes. They all could have used a good dose of caffeine or a swift kick to get things going a little faster. Despite being overrun with skinny jeans and neon sunglasses, I’d like to go back and try some of their ramen soups and other hot dishes.  And I am most definitely interested in returning post-baby so I can sample all sorts of things from the sushi menu.

:B: I had a standard sushi lunch sampler with tuna, salmon, eel, yellowtail and a couple of other items, along with a side of fatty salmon, which I’d never had. I will readily admit that I’m not a sushi snob — I like what I like, and generally only know sushi is bad when my belly tells me so. I obviously know the basics (if it’s warm, slimy or fishy, SEND IT BACK), but I’m not here to get into the nuances. Everything was fresh and as I expected it to be, with a standout actually being the miso soup that came with the meal. It was surprisingly flavorful and a nice way to kick things off. The fatty salmon was buttery and delicious, though it still doesn’t replace my favorite of all time, escolar (super fatty tuna). I also had a side of spicy scallop rolls, which packed a nice punch of heat. The downside, however, was that I had to ration my water, since our waitress was largely MIA. The wait staff seems to follow the little known European model of service: take your order, disappear. Bring some of the food, disappear. Allow your co-worker to field our questions. Stay disappeared. Look perplexed when we finally grab you to say “where in hell is my friend’s order?” and reply, “Yeah, I was just wondering that. I’ll go see.” Bring missing entree, disappear. Look annoyed when asked for refills, and only offer them as you’re dropping off the bill.

Final Grade

All in all, not a bad lunch; we would both go back, provided — like our first visit — we had nothing pressing to attend to after lunch. Kome’ has been getting raves for their variety of Japanese comfort foods, including ramen (which has a radically different reputation in Asia than it does in the US), so we may well venture to the hot side of the menu. I’d personally like to sit at the bar, because the chefs seemed very personable; being around people who love what they do always enhances the meal for me. As for A, she plans to stand out from the crowd in her non-skinny maternity jeans.  After all, hipsters don’t get pregnant — do they?



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