Order Up: That ain’t zombies on the horizon!

21 Oct

There are many things Two Chicks would love to do; were it up to us, we’d spend our weeks blowing off work, visiting food, wine and beer festivals, and taking so many pictures bystanders would think Lindsay Lohan had arrived with our meal. Even locally, we find new restaurants, trailers and food-related events almost daily that make us gleeful. But fate conspires to keep us away — in this case, fate takes the form of a dwindling bank account and personal obligations. Such is life, right? But we feel its our duty to pass along the juiciest tidbits so others can play foodie (if only for the day). Check out these awesome events that are on the horizon; we encourage you to attend so that we can live vicariously through you!

1) For the rest of the month, The Carillon is having a fabulous deal called Taste of October.  They’re offering three tasty courses for the low price of $29 (a steal!) if you dine between 5:30-6:30pm.  If you’ve never been to Carillon, it is so worth it; Two Chicks ventured there before this blog was even a glimmer in our eye and enjoyed an amazing meal and stellar service.

2) The Gypsy Picnic Food Trailer Festival kicks off this Saturday, October 22 at Auditorium Shores. This second annual event will feature live music and 40+ food vendors (trucks, trailers and good old-fashioned food carts), and according to the local weather folks, it should be a beautiful fall day in the ATX. A attended last year and had some tasty food, though – full disclosure – she wasn’t terribly impressed with the overall organization. Still, rumor has it they’ve made significant improvements since that time, so check it out. It’s a great concept and there should be an awesome buzz.

3) If you’re looking for something to quench your thirst – and your raging hops addiction – Austin Beer Week begins this Saturday and runs through Saturday, October 30.  There are a ton of participating pubs, restaurants and other venues, and it’ll give you a good excuse to spend your weekend sloshed and waist-high in beer foam (as if you didn’t already have one). ABW shines a huge spotlight on the awesome array of local craft brewers in and around the ATX, so not only will you enjoy some good suds but you’ll be supporting local business, too. B has particular love for Black Star Pub and Brewery, which is just down the street from her house and represents the first cooperatively owned brewery in the country. We ain’t just a music town, people.

There are a plethora of delicious events scheduled for Austin and the surrounding areas in these next few weeks, so go forth and feast! Maybe (just maybe) we’ll see you out there.



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