19 Sep

You can wrap it around a filet, crumble it on a salad, add it to a sandwich or simply fry it up and eat it plain. But even an amateur aficionado knows there’s no such thing as just plain bacon. Whether it’s peppered, maple smoked or covered in chocolate, it’s a slab of salty, porky goodness that goes with just about anything. Think of your favorite, most comfortable shirt… but way tastier.

So when a little restaurant down the street from my office opened up by the name of Bacon, I had to be there, and on opening day, no less. I went with several of my co-workers, including — wait for it — a vegetarian! That’s right, this place takes care of them, too, extending its porcine arms to welcome even those who don’t partake. Bacon, my friends, is love.

We’d been intently studying the menu since they published it on their Facebook page, so it didn’t take us long to decide what to order. I was delighted — dare I say, tickled pink — to see they had my very favorite prickly pear pink lemonade by Maine Root. I’ve just recently discovered this gem and it’s transformed my life (so if you haven’t yet tried it, get on it!).  The neon hue is nothing like the pretty princess pink of generic pink lemonade, the sweet to tart ratio is in perfect balance and the finish is clean and natural instead of powdery and artificial.

This right here? It tickles my fancy. There, I said it.

Though the restaurant wasn’t too busy when we arrived, you could tell the staff was pretty overwhelmed for their first day.  When our orders started coming out, they got a couple of things wrong but promptly remedied the situation.  I ordered the BLT with a salad as my side (I respect the vegetables, too!).  The menu described the sandwich as being on Texas toast, but mine came out on a hamburger bun.  Not a big deal, and it worked just as good as toast since it was lightly toasted and buttered.  Overall, it was a solid bacon entry  – crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, mayo and delicious, thick-sliced bacon.  The BLT is definitely a classic, and while I enjoyed it, I’d hoped for some sort of signature twist to set it apart, like an herbed or chipotle mayo.  My salad, however, was elevated from tasty to out of this world by the bacon leek vinaigrette that topped it.  The dressing was tangy, sweet and bacon-y, and did double duty as a more-than-suitable dip for the kettle chips my co-worker ordered.

There's bacon in them there buns!

Rounding out the table were a variety of other dishes including two filled-to-the-brim breakfast tacos accompanied by some sort of deliciously creamy green sauce.  We weren’t 100% sure of its contents, but we think we correctly identified tomatillos, avocados and jalapeños, which offered up a bit of heat. There was a breakfast BLT stacked just as mine was save for the two fried eggs stuffed between the bread, which served as the sandwich’s crowning glory.  It looked amazing! The review: my co-worker rated it yummy, but wished for looser, runnier yolks.  At the other end of the table were a couple of loaded Cobb salads, one with all the fixins’ and one sans bacon (and chicken). Each were consumed in silent contentment.  And the co-worker who thieved my dressing for her chips? She ordered the Daily Grind burger, which was declared so flavorful that it didn’t need condiments.  I can’t say I’m surprised – the burger patty is a savory mix of ground beef and – what else? – bacon. You can’t really go wrong with a magic mix like that.

All in all, I’ll be back to visit Bacon; they’re so close to work and several of their specials sound awesome, like deep-fried ribs (Um hello, what?!?).  More trips would give me the chance to try the desserts I missed the first time around and to see how they settle into their service groove.  Plus, knowing that I can quench my thirsty obsession with that prickly pear lemonade would make any boring Monday a little less so.

My parting gift, a free shirt, posing next to the clever little menu!

– A


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